Reselling RocketHub codes is NOT allowed and is a direct violation of our Terms of Use. 

We empathize with the pain of missing a deal but you cannot buy RocketHub deals anywhere other than our own platform. 

If you purchase a RocketHub deal anywhere else, that is also a direct violation of our Terms of Use. RocketHub is the only supplier of these deals. If for some reason you do buy from another individual, please note the following terms:

1. We will NOT provide support or supply any information related to the original purchaser or his/her transaction. You're on your own. 

2. Our deal partner is NOT required to provide support for licenses resold. It is 100% their own decision to honor a resold account, license key, etc - we will NOT get involved - please do not ask. Absolutely no exceptions. Once again, You're on your own.
3. There are bad apples out there. They may sell you something fraudulently or with ill intent. You've been warned. Be cool. Do business with integrity. 

We don’t want to cut ties with you so please be sure to abide by these Terms of Use.

Thank you for your understanding.