Currently, we do not support Code Stacking on our Platform.

Although, we are already working towards developing our code stacking engine so it becomes easy for buyers to stack codes.

Alternatively, you can send us codes which are divided equally for the respective plans you wish to sell.

For example:

1. Your Product has 3 Tiers (Start, Grow and Scale)

2. You plan to sell 300 codes in total for all the plans combined on RocketHub Marketplace.

3. You can divide and send us 3 different .csv files with 100 codes in each plan.

4. We will list them as 3 different plans and users can decide if they want more quantity of a particular plan to stack.

5. Once they add the desired quantity and purchase, the equal number of license codes will be added to their orders for redemption.

For more questions, do reach out to us at